The Issues

Visionary Reform In The 25th Ward

I became a teacher because I believe that education is the best way to change individual lives. And when we educate individuals, we have the power to change entire communities. When I was an educator, I saw families right here in our neighborhoods struggle to afford housing. Some of them were small business owners trying to keep their businesses afloat, fighting a changing city that’s leaving them behind.

The 25th Ward needs a champion for its people. Someone that will work just as hard in City Hall as its people. I’m running for Alderwoman to do just that. It’s time for better schools in the West Loop, Chinatown, and in Pilsen. What our communities need is housing that’s affordable for everyone, especially those who work hard, day-in, and day-out. And what we need is smart economic development that leaves no one behind and brings jobs right here—to our neighborhood.

Fully Supported Public Schools

  • School Closures – I am against school closures in that they negatively impact students of color in the most economically depressed areas of the city.
  • Charter Schools – I support a cap on charter school development. I believe that existing charter schools should meet the standards of performance set by the state board of education. I support the effort to organize charter schools and believe every worker deserves to be represented by a union.
  • Elected School Boards – I am in support of an Elected Representative School Board for Chicago because it will help build trust and democratize the Chicago Public Schools. I also believe it will be critical to have legislation to end the flow of dark money into school board elections.
  • New Funding Education Formula – I believe the changes made to the Illinois new education formula in the last two years are welcome, although the changes did not go far enough. I will work with Springfield to do more to level the playing field for Chicago students by reducing the dependency on local property taxes.

Truly Affordable Housing

  • Policy Enforcement – I will ensure affordable housing policies are enforced, consider utilizing empty buildings and lots to create shelters for the most vulnerable members of our community.
  • A Model Village – I will work to have a model village in which residents are provided all needs from healthcare, day care, and job skills training.
  • Lease to own – I would look into creating programs to support lease to own for residents living in communities for an extended time period.
  • Incentive Programs – I would consider incentives for individuals with unique ties to the community artists, non-profit leaders, and educators to remain in their existing communities.
  • Housing Cooperatives – I would support housing cooperatives to help various members of the community own their homes.

Balanced Development In The 25th Ward

  • Participatory Budgeting – Use participatory budgeting to identify and implement improvements throughout the 25th Ward
  • Zoning – Establish community driven zoning & development that executes on the input of stakeholders in the community
  • Small Business Development – I will help small businesses by making the process of getting licenses and permits fair and not dependent on political support. I will also work with City Hall to lower fees and fines for businesses operating in the ward.

TIF Program Changes

  • TIF Surplus – I believe the TIF surplus should be declared and a sizable portion should be directed to the Chicago Public Schools.
  • Transparency – I support more transparency with the TIF program.
  • Penalties – I support the city imposing penalties on private recipients of TIF funds that do not meet their contractual obligations.

Legalizing Marijuana in Chicago

  • Legalize Now – I fully support the statewide legalization of marijuana for recreational use.
  • Profits Support Pensions – Profits generated from the sale of recreational marijuana should be earmarked for education and pension funding.
  • Equitable Licensing – Ensure that there is equal access for minorities to receive licenses to sell cannabis and open up dispensaries in their communities.
  • Public Safety – I will work with the Mayor and City Council to put policies and procedures in place to reduce access to marijuana to children.