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Meet Aida Flores

Hi, I am Aida Flores.

I was born in Chicago, raised on 17th Street, between Laflin street and Loomis. As a first generation student, I grew up in the Chicago Public Schools, attending Pilsen Academy, Orozco Community Academy, and Benito Juarez High School.

My life took some unexpected turns. I became a mother at fourteen years old. I also became the first recipient in my high school to earn the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship. I graduated high school with distinction. I am an example of redefining what a statistic should look like and demonstrating what is possible when a child has a village to nurture and support her.

Education became the vehicle I used to change my story and the communities I served. I received my BA from Georgetown University, MAT from National-Louis University, and EdM from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I have dedicated my professional career to serving students in public schools as a teacher, assistant principal and principal.

Children of immigrants, like myself, often become the translators, the social capital builders, and cycle breakers of our families. While we navigate school systems and our government, we learn to broker these spaces not only for ourselves but also for those that are closest to us.

I love this city. I chose to advance my professional journey in Chicago for the same reason many of us have—our roots and pride for our city. I chose to raise my first and now second child in our community because I want their identities and experiences to be shaped by an urban setting and ALL of its diversity. I believe that as our city makes headlines, we control the brushstrokes of the images painted. It is our responsibility to create the story we want the world to read and hear of our great city and its people.

I am a homeowner and parent to two amazing children— a college freshman and a four-year-old. I am running for alderwoman because our city can do better. I am a resident who wants excellent educational opportunities, a safe community, and leadership that is compassionate and an advocate for us.

Are you READY to change Chicago’s future by making ours a MAGNIFICENT 25th ward?

I am. #FloresFor25

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