Positive Change In The 25th Ward

Flores for 25 is a campaign that champions the needs of working families in Chicago’s 25th Ward; which includes Pilsen, Chinatown, South/West Loop, ABLA Homes & Little Italy. Together, we can create a magnificent ward with affordable housing for everyone, better public schools, economic and small business development.

This campaign for Alderwoman is about education and balanced development; it’s about housing, jobs, justice and civil rights. It’s about preparing for the future of our ward, city and neighborhoods. It’s about dedication to truly serving the public. And it’s about bringing real change to the communities that need it most.

My Story

Aida Flores is an educator, principal, mother, and native Chicagoan who champions the needs of children, families, and the 25th Ward.

Education became the vehicle she used to change her story and the communities she served. Aida received her BA from Georgetown University, MAT from National-Louis University, and EdM from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has dedicated her professional career to serving students in public schools as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal.

In her career, Aida has served as a history teacher, helped found a Dual Language Academy in Boston, and upgraded a struggling high school in Chicago from a Level 3 (lowest possible rating) to a level 2 in a single school year. She is now running for Alderwoman of the 25th Ward in Chicago.

Aida understands the real needs of working-class Chicagoans and knows the policies necessary to achieve (truly) affordable housing, balanced economic development, and education for all.


Why Support Aida

It’s time for an Alderwoman that will fight for the needs of the community instead of for political power.

Every election is a choice. And this year, the choice could not be more clear. We know what it takes to make our Chicago stronger and our citizens prosperous. We know what it takes to make our communities safer and housing more affordable. We know that we need to strengthen, not abandon, the promise of public education.

For too long, our elected officials in Chicago have publicly told us that change is coming but privately say change is too difficult, as if Chicago is a city beyond repair. But this is OUR democracy. Government is us. By us and for us. And creating the Chicago we want is up to us.

So in this election, you have a choice. You have a choice between a city council that — to a man, and yes, it is almost entirely men — says change is difficult, and then they get into office and set out to prove it. And you have a new wave of activists running for public office, who look out at Chicago and know it isn’t perfect — but seek to make it that more perfect union.

I ask you to stand with me. Join me. And, when elected, we’ll build the Magnificent 25th Ward we know we can be…together!


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Every contribution from the community helps; whether it is knocking on doors, making phone calls, or hosting a house meeting.